012 363 5658

012 363 5658
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فلينظر الانسان ٳلى طعامه ٲنا صببنا الماء صبا ثم شققنا الارض شقا
فأنبتنا فيھا حبا وعنبا وقضبا وزيتونا ونخلا وحداﺋﻖ غلبا وفاكهة وأبا
متاعا لكم ولأنعامكم

آية ٢٤ ـ ٣٢ سورة عبس
(Surah 'Abasa, ayat 24 - 32)

Sistem Berkongsi Isteri

>> 13.1.10

"This is rigorous work, but Kundol has a little extra manpower at her disposal. She has two husbands, Tsering Yeshi and Pema Tsering, who are brothers.

When they have filled the baskets to overflowing they sling them on their backs and climb the steep hillside back to their village, Barauntse.

Almost every household here is polyandrous - meaning that the family's sons have jointly married a sole woman."

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