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فلينظر الانسان ٳلى طعامه ٲنا صببنا الماء صبا ثم شققنا الارض شقا
فأنبتنا فيھا حبا وعنبا وقضبا وزيتونا ونخلا وحداﺋﻖ غلبا وفاكهة وأبا
متاعا لكم ولأنعامكم

آية ٢٤ ـ ٣٢ سورة عبس
(Surah 'Abasa, ayat 24 - 32)

4 Wives But Only 1 Husband?

>> 1.6.10

""Why Can A Man Have 4 Wives, But
A Woman Only Gets 1 Husband?" Here is how we might answer the question:

"Islam is all about RIGHTS - Everyone has their rights in Islam, even children have rights"

"If a woman marries more than one husband at a time, how would the child get their rights of inheritence? What about their rights amongst other children from different fathers - but the same mother?"

"If a woman can choose from any man, even the ones who are married, but a man can only choose from the unmarried women - who has the most choices?"

But first, before talking about Islam, Muslims, Allah, Quran or even their question - here are a few steps we have found to be very effective in helping see the true picture of Islam - and in some cases - even become MUSLIMS THEMSELVES..."

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hussin June 1, 2010 at 7:22 PM  

salam doktor,

h - how?
w - what?
w - when?
w - where?
w - why?

mungkin soalan2 tersebut yang digunapakai bagi memecah permasalahan bersumberkan 1 H(usband) and 4 W(ives)?

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