012 363 5658

012 363 5658
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فلينظر الانسان ٳلى طعامه ٲنا صببنا الماء صبا ثم شققنا الارض شقا
فأنبتنا فيھا حبا وعنبا وقضبا وزيتونا ونخلا وحداﺋﻖ غلبا وفاكهة وأبا
متاعا لكم ولأنعامكم

آية ٢٤ ـ ٣٢ سورة عبس
(Surah 'Abasa, ayat 24 - 32)


>> 1.3.10

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mountdweller March 1, 2010 at 4:23 PM  

Salam Dr.

'For more than a year, they kept their secret while making plans to leave their marriages. Each had one son; they didn't want to hurt their children or their spouses. Several times, Barbara, whose son was younger, backed off and tried to save her marriage. But in May 2002, Barbara remembers having a moment of clarity: "Everyone deserved to be happy." She found herself an apartment and soon called Kevin. "It's us," she said'

Sungguh Licik mereka ini!

Pengasas March 1, 2010 at 10:20 PM  

W'salam MountDweller,
Jujurkah mereka?

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